Rump RecognitionChimps Remember Butts Same as Faces 臀部辨識:黑猩猩認屁屁功力不輸認臉






Turns out, chimps remember each other’s butts as well as they recognize faces.




While chimps remember faces as well, new research has found that the primates recognize the buttocks of their kin just as well as humans recall familiar faces. Not only that, but our hairy relatives also seem to utilize the same type of brain processing for their neighbor’s butt that humans use to spot a familiar face.




For humans, the face offers important information beyond identity, such as attractiveness and health. For chimpanzees, their buttocks can serve the same purpose . For instance, chimps can determine if the rump they see belongs to a relative or to a female that is ovulating.




Color also plays an important role for chimps. Female chimpanzees’ bottoms are red, deepening in color and growing in size when the female is ovulating.




For humans, the "face inversion effect" was proven to only apply to faces, with inverted face images delaying humans’ recognition. However, the humans recognized the buttocks quickly, whether the photos were upright or inverted.



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