Market Values 異國市場尋寶
One of the best ways to know a place and its people is to explore its traditional markets. These can be anything from indoor to outdoor food or flea markets and bazaars1. Just about every place in the world has one, and people in Taiwan are witness to that since the night markets here are world-famous. Local and foreign residents2 alike also enjoy shopping at the numerous open-air3 markets scattered throughout the various communities.
Our neighbors to the southwest have their own fascinating marketplaces4. The Chatuchak Weekend Market in Bangkok, Thailand is one of the largest in the world. Spread over 35 acres5, the market is divided into 27 sections that include more than 15,000 vendors selling countless products from all over the country. An average of 200,000 potential buyers wander each Saturday and Sunday through its maze of stores selling goods that include art, antiques, electronics6, clothes, and even live animals. What's more, booths7 offer delicious Thai street food and relaxing Thai massages, making it one impressive market. With National Geographic Channel's new series, "Market Values," viewers get to see all this and more.


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