Staying a Night in the Eiffel Tower  愛在星光燦爛下 ── 夜宿巴黎鐵塔




Four lucky winners got a chance to stay a night in Paris's most famous landmark. 兩四位幸運得主得到在巴黎最著名的地標住一晚的機會。


  What would you do if you could spend a night in an apartment in the Eiffel Tower? In a recent contest, the vacation rental company HomeAway asked this question and got over 150,000 answers. They chose the four best answers, and those people got a chance to actually stay in an apartment in the Eiffel Tower.

  如果能在艾菲爾鐵塔上的套房待一晚,你會做什麼?在近期一項有獎徵答中,度假租屋公司 HomeAway 就是問了這個問題,並且得到超過十五萬個答案。他們選了四個最佳答案,而且那些人真的得到住在艾菲爾鐵塔上套房的機會。

  HomeAway built a temporary apartment in the Eiffel Tower as part of the UEFA Euro 2016, a major soccer competition. The apartment was designed in a classic French style with high-end furniture from Italy and has amazing views of the lights of Paris. As part of the package, HomeAway also arranged for traditional French food and activities for their guests to enjoy. Unfortunately, each of the four winners could only spend one night in the Eiffel Tower, but their prizes did include free stays at fancy apartments in other parts of Paris for a few more nights.

  HomeAway 在艾菲爾鐵塔上打造了一間臨時套房,以作為盛大足球賽事 2016 年歐洲盃的一部份。該套房以經典法式風格設計,用來自義大利的高檔家具,並能觀賞夜間巴黎的燈火美景。作為套裝行程的一部分,HomeAway 也安排了傳統法式料理及活動讓他們的客人享受。可惜的是,四位得主每人只能在艾菲爾鐵塔上住一晚,但他們的獎也包含免費在巴黎其他地方的高級套房住更多晚。

  The company said it was difficult to choose the winners because there were so many good answers. However, HomeAway finally chose four winners, including Michelle Stevenson from the UK. She has two autistic sons who love the Eiffel Tower, and they will never forget their amazing experience.

  該公司說選出得主很不容易,因為有太多好答案。然而,HomeAway 最後選出四位得主,包括來自英國的蜜雪兒‧史蒂文森。她有兩個喜愛艾菲爾鐵塔的自閉症兒子,而他們將不會忘記這美好的經驗。

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