Dabbawalas Bring Home-cooked Meals Wherever You Are  地表最強便當快遞 ── 印度達巴瓦拉




Learn about an Indian tradition that delivers homemade meals hot and fresh.



   Dabbawalas, which means lunch box delivery people in Hindi, are an important part of the Indian society, especially in Mumbai. This one-of-a-kind network of delivery people brings home-cooked lunches from an office worker's home to their workplace. Many dabbawalas come from poor backgrounds and don't have money to buy a car. However, they manage to deliver around 200,000 meals every day in Mumbai on foot or by bicycle.


   Most Indians prefer to eat food prepared at home because it's done to their personal taste, and they're sure it will be clean. In the morning, a dabbawala goes to each worker's home and picks up their lunch box. Then, the lunch box passes from person to person in the network of delivery people. The delivery system is very well organized, so the lunch boxes arrive just in time for the midday meal. They even take the dirty dishes back to each worker's home, too!


   This traditional delivery method has been growing fast. Recently, KFC in India teamed up with the dabbawalas to offer its meals through their network. The public loved the idea and is happy to have another choice. Still, nothing beats a home-cooked meal delivered right to your office.



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