Making the world hotter: Indias expected AC explosion-讓地球更熱:印度即將噴發的冷氣機風潮





Ratan Kumar once battled India’s brutal summers with damp bedsheets and midnight baths. Now he is among millions upon millions of Indians using air conditioning. India’s AC market is expected to explode from 30 million to a billion units by 2050.



India is already the number-three spewer of greenhouse gases, burning through 800 million tonnes of coal every year. But for Indians enduring scorching, even deadly, summers, the air conditioners are a godsend.



Currently just five percent of Indian households are equipped with AC compared to 90 percent in the United States and 60 percent in China, up from virtually zero 30 years ago.



But India’s AC market is catching up fast, seeing double-digit growth in the last decade as incomes rise and electricity supplies become more reliable.



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