N. Korea airport among worlds worst in global survey 國際調查:北韓機場居全球末段班






North Korea’s only international airport in Pyongyang has been named one of the world’s worst airports in a British customer satisfaction survey released this week.




In Skytrax’s review of over 500 airports around the world, Sunan International Airport failed to make it into the 2017 World Airport Awards list in any category including cleanness, staff service, or dining and shopping facilities.




It received the lowest level of two points in a scale of 10 in customer assessment. Sunan, which has been touted as a high-tech airport by the North’s state media, does not even have a website offering basic information on plane operations and facilities.




Skytrax has conducted the survey since 1999. Seoul’s Incheon International Airport ranked third in the world’s top 10 airport list, a notch down from the previous year. Singapore’s Changi Airport took first place for the fifth consecutive year.




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