Demonstrations in 49 cities show solidarity with students occupying Legislature (2014/03/31)

Besides those demonstrating in Taiwan yesterday, the Sunflower Movement drew support of Taiwanese studying overseas. Activities took place in nearly 50 cities worldwide as students sought to let people know what is happening in their home country. 

White letters on a large black background read “Democracy at 4 am.” This crowdfunded ad, paid for by 3,621 Taiwanese supporters, appeared in the New York Times Asian International edition on Saturday and Sunday. It helped attract attention to the local Sunflower Movement.

Inspired by Sunday’s events in Taipei, hundreds of overseas students gathered at the State Library in Victoria, Melbourne, wearing black t-shirts. They were ready and willing to start protests against the cross-strait trade-in-services pact.

And in Japan, more than 1,000 students turned out despite wind and rain. Similar protests broke out in other cities such as Milan, New York, London and Berlin. A total of 49 cities saw protests in 17 different countries yesterday.

Overseas Student in Toronto 
Even though I’m far away and can’t do much, I thought I could come out to this place and express my views to let the whole world know.

Students overseas digitally linked to those occupying the Legislature. Through the internet, the Sunflower Movement has inspired Taiwanese all over the world.









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