Number of climbers allowed on Mount Fuji may be scaled back starting in 2018 獲准攀登富士山人數恐自2018年起設限

A limit on the number of climbers of Mount Fuji is planned to be set within three years to protect the World Cultural Heritage site from wear and tear.


The prefectural governments of Shizuoka and Yamanashi, which both share Mount Fuji, have said they will define what constitutes an appropriate number of trekkers by July 2018.


A draft report from the governments, released Oct. 1, was approved by the Mount Fuji World Cultural Heritage academic committee, an expert panel headed by former education minister Atsuko Toyama, on the same day.


The prefectural governments will decide upon the "desirable number of climbers per day" on each of the four hiking trails up the mountain, based on a series of studies and surveys they will conduct over the next three years. Restrictions will then, if necessary, be imposed to reduce the numbers.



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