Soaking in the Winter Beauty of Turkey 瑰麗土耳其——冬遊世界遺產奇境




The majestic beaches of Turkey make it a top spot for summer travelers, yet few realize it is also lovely in winter. Its natural sights stand out during this time of year, and because winter is the low season, cheap prices make it easier to tour around the country.



One of Turkey’s biggest attractions is the region of Cappadocia, whose unusual terrain seems as if it’s from another planet. Perhaps its strangest features are rock formations known as fairy chimneys. Looking like giant mushrooms rising from the ground, these structures were formed millions of years ago from volcano ash that gradually wore away with time.



Beneath the fairy chimneys are dozens of underground cities that once housed thousands of people. For centuries, as Cappadocia was repeatedly invaded by outsiders, the underground cities served as the locals’ hiding places. One of the largest is the Kaymakli underground city, which has tunnels that are still in use today.



After seeing Cappadocia’s underground world, it’s time to rise into the air in a hot-air balloon. Seeing the fairy chimneys from above, against the white valley and the glowing sun, is truly a magical experience.


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