Central bank governor, Perng Fai-nan, maintains interest rates, supports trade pact` (2014/03/27)

Today, Taiwan’s central bank announced it would leave interest rates unchanged at a meeting of directors and supervisors. Central bank governor, Perng Fai-nan also voiced his support for the cross-strait trade-in-services pact which he said would help Taiwan remain competitive.

At a meeting of the central bank’s directors and supervisors today, central bank governor Perng Fai-nan said interest rates wouldn’t be adjusted. But the most important question on many reporters’ minds was his stance on the trade-in-services pact. 

Perng Fai-nan
Central Bank Governor
The free trade agreements we have signed are less effective than those signed by Korea. This is a serious issue we should face as Taiwan faces the threat of being marginalized and losing momentum, affecting employment.

Perng also prepared data to prove his point, showing that the trade-in-services pact could help create more jobs. 

Perng Fai-nan
Central Bank Governor
As of the end of January, there were 495 Chinese investment cases in Taiwan. They involved only 264 Chinese managers but created 9,624 job opportunities, leading to one Chinese staff for every 36 employees in Taiwan.

Perng also said he hoped that the government could continue its communication to resolve the dispute over the pact. He added that protests over the trade pact may be well-intentioned, but he urged students to seek a peaceful solution and rational ending to the dispute.




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