Plum rains expected to begin next week but heavier rainfall will have to wait until June (2014/04/30)

Reservoirs in central and southern regions are nearing critical levels, leaving many eagerly anticipating the arrival of plum rains. The first plum rain front is expected later this week, but forecasters warn that the strong precipitation needed to alleviate drought conditions may not arrive until June. 

The sound of this torrential rainfall is associated with annual plum rains, which bring consecutive days of heavy precipitation. This year, the arrival of plum rains may be later than usual.

Cheng Ming-dean
CWB Chief Forecaster
A northern area plum rain weather system has slowly emerged, though the southern area hasn’t seen formation of summer monsoon winds. We expect rains to arrive in May, but they may not be enough to alleviate the drought.

Little rain this spring has caused the water level at Nantou’s Sun Moon Lake to drop significantly. Upstream, the Wushe Reservoir is filled to only 16 percent capacity. Dried mud has appeared in the Tsengwen Reservoir between Tainan and Chiayi. 

Cheng Ming-dean
CWB Chief Forecaster
The El Nino effect this year is strong, and when heavy rains arrive in June they will be fierce. Accumulated rainfall could be more than past plum rain seasons.

The Central Weather Bureau forecasts that heavy plum rains won’t hit until June, and could be strong enough to cause hazardous conditions.

The first plum rain weather front is expected to arrive on Sunday.




[[中央氣象局預報中心主任 鄭明典]]


[[中央氣象局預報中心主任 鄭明典]]




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