Former DPP chairman ends hunger strike against nuclear power (2014/04/30)

Nine days after it began, a hunger strike by former DPP Chairman Lin Yi-hsiung is over. Lin described a government decision to halt work on the plant as progress and said concern from the Taiwanese people led him to end the strike. 

Two days ago, when Lin Yi-hsiung checked into National Taiwan University Hospital for treatment, his condition was frail. Today, nine days into his hunger strike, Lin announced that this stage of his protest is over.

Lin called an announcement by the government to yield to popular opinion and halt work on the Fourth Nuclear Power Plant as progress toward the anti-nuclear movement’s goals.

As long as work does not resume, Lin believes the plant will cease to be an issue. Lin said his strike ended in response to concerns from the Taiwanese people.

Members of the DPP expressed relief that Lin is eating again. DPP Chairman Su Tseng-chang outlined the party’s future course.

Su Tseng-chang
DPP Chairman
When it becomes official that construction on the Fourth Nuclear Power Plant can no longer continue, we will no longer push for a special statute governing the nuclear plant referendum. Instead, we will seek to fix the Referendum Act.

The DPP plans to request that no further money is budgeted for the plant. In the next stage, it will move the battle against nuclear power from the streets to the Legislature.







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