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  Have you ever checked the label on a milk container and worried that it was expired? Maybe you opened it and smelled the milk, and believed it was OK. Then, you bravely took a sip, and it turned out that the milk tasted exactly the same as it did the previous day.


  When someone walks into a supermarket and looks at the labels on food, they are often not interested when the final date is close. The problem is that a lot of food goes to waste because of this.


  WeFood, a supermarket in Copenhagen, Denmark, is trying to change this. All the food in its store is 50% cheaper than other grocery stores, but this is because all the food is past the expiration dates. WeFood aims to attract two kinds of people low-income customers and those concerned about waste.

  位於丹麥哥本哈根的超市 ── WeFood,正試圖改變這種情形。店內所有食物的價格都比其他雜貨店便宜 50%,但這是因為所有的食物都過期了。WeFood 旨在吸引兩種人購買 ── 低收入的顧客和那些關切食物浪費的人。

  Overall, Denmark is doing a good job of lowering food waste. Over the past five years, waste has gone down by 25%. If WeFood catches on, this type of grocery store could be a hit around the world.

  總的來說,丹麥在減少食物浪費上做得很好。過去五年來,食物浪費已經降低了 25%。如果 WeFood 成為趨勢,這類型的雜貨店將在全球各地受到歡迎。

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