Bringing a Taste of Home   舌尖上的異國饗宴?:撼動你的味蕾‧扭轉偏見




Refugee chefs give Parisians a chance to try new dishes.



   France is famous for food and fashion, but the French haven't always been friendly to foreigners. Even so, more and more refugees are coming to France, running from war or natural disasters. Two young, French businessmen, Louis Jacquot and Sebastien Prunier, were hoping to create jobs for these refugees. They believed that food could help locals learn to welcome these newcomers, so they decided to search for trained chefs among the refugees.



   In 2016, the pair set up Les Cuistots Migrateurs, which means the Migratory Cooks in French. At first, the chefs cooked for private events. Recently, they found a new home at Le Petit Bain, a cultural center with a restaurant in central Paris. Because the place often has world music and art displays, Les Cuistots Migrateurs knew it would be a perfect fit. The chefs come from Syria, Iran, Chechnya, Sri Lanka, and other countries. At Le Petit Bain and private events, the foreign chefs are always on hand. When the locals meet the chefs, they learn that refugees aren't so different after all. The idea is spreading. Other cities in France, like Strasbourg, now hold refugee food festivals to change people's minds and give refugees jobs.

   2016 年,這兩個人成立了 Les Cuistots Migrateurs,它的意思是法國「移民廚師組織」。一開始,廚師們為私人活動做菜。最近,他們在巴黎市中心一間有餐廳的文化中心Le Petit Bain 找到新家。因為該地點常有世界音樂及藝術展覽,所以移民廚師組織確定它是最適合的地方。廚師們來自敘利亞、伊朗、車臣、斯里蘭卡及其他國家。在 Le Petit Bain 及私人活動中,這些外國廚師一直隨時待命。當地人見到這些廚師時,他們了解到難民終究並沒有多大不同。這種想法漸漸傳開。在法國其他城市,如史特拉斯堡,現在也舉辦難民美食節來改變人們的想法並提供難民工作。

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