Baking Soda: Safe, Useful, and Green環境救星—萬能蘇打粉

Debbie Rinehart




Some grooming products, such as facial soaps and toothpastes, contain tiny beads that are made of plastic. These beads work well as cleaning agents, but once they go down the drain, they make their way to lakes, rivers, and oceans. There, they absorb motor oil, pesticides, and other toxic chemicals. Aquatic life and birds mistake these beads for fish eggs and eat them, affecting their health and the safety of the entire food chain.


Governments in Europe and in the United States are considering making the sale of products containing plastic beads illegal. However, regardless of whether such products are on the market, we as consumers can make wise decisions and choose to use products that don't harm the environment.


One such product is baking soda, which has been around for centuries. Most people probably know it as a baking ingredient, but it has many other functions around the house. You can use it to brush and whiten your teeth and scrub your face. A little baking soda in your bathwater can soothe your skin. Not only is baking soda safe for the planet; it's also inexpensive.


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