The Safest Penguins in the World    被地雷守護的企鵝天堂




How many birds have their own personal armed guards protecting them 24 hours a day?



   The Falkland Islands are made up of several hundred small islands located at the bottom of the world off the tip of South America. For such a small, remote spot, it is amazing that it created such a political mess. In the early 1980s, both Britain and Argentina wanted to claim this chain of islands for their own. In fact, they even went to war over them. Britain finally won and controls the islands to this day.



  As a result of the war, the Falkland Islands were covered in tens of thousands of landmines. Some have been removed, but there are still around 20,000 of them left. Today, though, these dangerous weapons are actually protecting some of the islands' natives—penguins.

  由於戰爭的緣故,福克蘭群島被成千上萬的地雷所覆蓋。有些地雷已經被移除,但仍然有大約兩萬個遺留在那裡。然而,這些危險的武器其實卻在今日保護著一些島上的原始動物 ── 企鵝。


  The penguins benefit from the landmines because the mines separate their nesting areas from humans and their farm animals. This gives the penguins a place to raise their young in peace. Luckily, these flightless birds are not heavy enough to set off the mines. Actually, the landmines help form a unique preserve, one that people have little choice but to keep out of. In the end, the mines have helped the penguin population recover and act as their silent protectors.


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