India's Water Mother 建水壩抗旱的印度水之母




Amla Ruia is responsible for providing water to over 300 of India's driest villages.



   Each year, over 300 million people in India have problems getting enough water. Without water, people can't grow crops or raise animals. In some cases, people are even dying of thirst. Thanks to the hard work and contributions of Amla Ruia, over 300 villages in Rajasthan, one of India's driest regions, have access to fresh water.



   Ruia is using a technique called check dams to help these villages, which are often poor and have little money for big projects. Luckily, check dams are very easy to build. Low spots in the landscape are used, and simple walls are built to catch and hold more rainwater naturally. Check dams are actually a very old technology and have been used in the region since ancient times.



   Amla Ruia and her charity group called Aakar Charitable Trust have been working with communities to build these dams for the past 10 years. Now that she's 71 years old, she has taken more of a role in the planning. But despite her age, Ruia shows no sign of slowing down. She continues her mission of helping India's thirsty farmers collect and store the water they need to survive the dry climate of Rajasthan.


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