Are You a Mosquito Magnet?  為什麼蚊子特別愛叮你?

Debbie Rinehart




   SOME people are mosquito magnets. Even when they cover themselves in repellent, a mosquito will find that one unprotected spot of their skin to bite. In contrast, there are people who can spend whole days outdoors without repellent, and they won't get bitten once. Why do mosquitoes target some people more than others?



  To bite you, mosquitoes must first find you, and they do this by smelling the carbon dioxide (CO2) in your breath. Large people produce more CO2 than small ones, which is why adults are often bitten more than children. Pregnant women exhale a greater-than-normal amount of CO2, so they are at a higher risk, too.



  Mosquitoes are also attracted by the scent of certain chemicals in sweat, and the concentration of these chemicals depends on genetic factors. Since mosquitoes drink blood, it's not surprising that they have blood-type preferences. Type O blood is particularly tasty to them, followed by Type B and then Type A.



  Though you can't fight nature, you can reduce your chances of being bitten. Wear light-colored clothes, apply repellant, and use a mosquito net. Mosquitoes can't bite you if they can't reach you.


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