British Vogue tells teens:fashion shoots aren’t real 英國「時尚」雜誌告訴青少女:時尚攝影不是真的


Their skin is flawless, their make-up perfect and their hair sleek, but to teenage girls hoping to emulate fashion models, British Vogue has a message -- it’s not real.


The magazine has made a short film revealing the work required to create fashion shoots, from the teams of make-up artists and stylists, to the digital enhancement and lighting.


It has been distributed free to 13-year-olds in British schools in a bid to reassure young people worried about their appearance that nobody looks that good in real life.


"I decided it might be helpful to show what goes into the creation of a Vogue fashion picture, as a way of illustrating the skill and artifice that makes the final product," said Alexandra Shulman, editor of British Vogue.


"The problem, if there is a problem, comes when people judge themselves and their appearance against the models they see on the pages of a magazine and then feel that in some way they fall short."(AFP)

「問題在於,假如有問題的話,是出在人們拿自己的外貌跟他們在雜誌上看到的模特兒相比,然後總覺得自己好像貌不如人。」 (法新社)


emulate:動詞,指模仿、效法某人或某事、盡力趕上。如She grew up emulating her sports heroes.(她成長過程中一直努力向她的運動英雄們看齊。)

illustrate:動詞,用實例來解釋或說明。如He illustrated his lecture with stories of his own experiences in the field.(他用自己在該領域的經驗故事來闡明演說內容。)

fall short:片語,指未達預期目標、標準或要求、不足或短缺。如In comparison to her previous novel, this one falls short.(跟她上一本小說相比,這部作品不如預期。)


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