Study: Just 227 tree species dominate Amazon landscape 研究︰僅只227種樹種主控亞馬遜地景


Despite being home to about 16,000 tree species, just 227 "hyperdominant" species account for half of Amazonia’s total trees, a study suggests.


An international team of researchers found that the region was, in total, home to an estimated 390 billion trees. Writing in Science, they added that the rarest 11,000 species made up only 0.12% of tree cover.


The results were based on a survey of 1,170 plots and half-a-million trees across the six-million-square-kilometre area, often described as the lungs of the world.


The authors said that the underlying cause of the hyper dominance of the 227 species, which accounted for 1.4% of the estimated number of species in the region, remained unknown.


The lead author Dr. Hans ter Steege said: "We don’t really know why these species are so incredibly dominant because they do not have any particular ecological feature that stands out."


The most dominant species was indentified as Euterpe precatoria, a palm tree native to central and southern America, with a mean estimate population of more than five billion individuals within Amazonia.


Conversely, the researchers noted that the rarest 5,800 species had communities with fewer than 1,000 individuals.




account for︰動詞片語,(數量、比例)佔,也有做出說明之意。例句︰Police said that 46 persons are still not accounted for.(警方表示仍有46人身分不明。)

stand out︰動詞片語,醒目、突出、傑出。例句︰She stood out among the students by her self-discipline.(在學生群中,她的自律使她與眾不同。)


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