The Garbage Man Who Built a Library from Trash    書中自有黃金屋



 One man has turned other people's trash into an amazing treasure.



Jose Gutierrez is a garbage man who lives in Bogota, Colombia. Although he left school after the second grade, he never lost his love for reading. One day while he was driving his truck in the rich part of the city, he found an old book someone had put in the trash. He thought that many poor children would like to read it, but they couldn't pay for it. So, he saved the book. For the next 20 years, Gutierrez kept taking books from the trash and bringing them home. Soon, almost every room in his house was filled with them. 



   Today, he has over 20,000 books in his home library that he calls "The Strength of Words." He allows the people living in his neighborhood to use his library free of charge. Gutierrez has also given away many of his books to schools, libraries, and colleges. As a result of his hard work, many people started calling him the "Lord of the Books." Gutierrez's goal is to give every child in his country the opportunity to read. He believes that books can open our minds and break the cycle of poverty.


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