Pack Up for the Future with the World's First Robotic Travel Bag  「跟著你走」的行李箱

Ben Bousada




A new company named Travelmate Robotics has reinvented the travel bag. Except for its shape, nearly everything about this new type of luggage—simply called the Travelmate—is different from traditional bags.

一間叫Travelmate Robotics的新公司將行李箱重新研製。除了形狀之外,這款就叫作Travelmate的新型行李箱幾乎所有的部分都跟傳統行李箱不同。


By connecting via a smartphone app, the Travelmate can automatically follow its owner across flat surfaces, always staying within three to five feet—no need for carrying or pulling! It can also speed up and slow down to match the owner's pace. The Travelmate can find its way around obstacles, moving along in either the horizontal or upright position. There's even a built-in scale that tells you what the bag's contents weigh. Additionally, a security feature is included that will lock the wheels and sound an alarm if the Travelmate gets farther than 15 feet away from its owner.


For anyone who wants a reliable bag without the burden, the Travelmate is one of the most convenient options available. Without a doubt, it's also one of the coolest. After all, the Travelmate isn't just a piece of luggage—it's a real-life robot companion.



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