Culture minister praises students’ style, says they lack substance (2014/04/02)

Culture Minister Lung Ying-tai praised students occupying the Legislative Yuan for their ability to organize a movement. But she also called their occupation of the lawmaking body illegal and unjustified. 

The culture minister gave her opinion on the student-led demonstration in response to a lawmaker’s question.

Lung Ying-tai
Culture Minister 
I’m amazed by their image building. It’s as if they’ve gathered all the experiences from 60 years of movements in Taiwan in put them on display. I think they deserve 100 points for this.

While praising the students’ style, the culture minister said their substance is lacking.

Lung Ying-tai
Culture Minister 
I find their ideology to be very weak. It’s filled with contradictions and half-thought out ideas. Those taking part in this movement have broken the law in the name of supporting democracy.

A DPP legislator argued that it is the Ma Ying-jeou administration which has acted illegally.

Lin Chia-lung
DPP Legislator
Without democratic authority or oversight, President Ma skirted the Legislature to unilaterally sign a trade-in-services pact with China.

The culture minister also said President Ma has gone as far as he can in yielding to the students’ demands. She urged the students to leave the Legislative Yuan so it can be back to business as usual for lawmakers.




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