Speaker promises that monitoring mechanism will be completed before pact review (2014/04/06)

During the nearly three-week student occupation of the Legislature, onlookers have waited for Speaker Wang Jin-pyng to take control of the government body he oversees. Today Wang emerged from his relative silence to announce he will not let review of the trade-in-services pact Taiwan signed with China proceed until a monitoring mechanism for handling such pacts is in place. 

Pan blue and pan green lawmakers accompanied Speaker Wang Jin-pyng to the Legislature. For the first time in 20 days, Wang directly commented on the student occupation. This is the statement he gave:

Wang Jin-pyng
Legislative Speaker
I have never shied away from disputes, but when the various sides are unwilling to make concessions and it becomes impossible for ruling and opposition parties to achieve a consensus, we fail to meet the expectations of the people. For this, I feel concern and regret. The students are in the legislative chamber to express a multitude of opinions. Although various groups have different opinions on the propriety of their methods and goals, we cannot deny that the students have caused people to begin to think about the meaning of democracy. I cannot castigate the students for maintaining their ideals and seeking to expand citizen participation, but please consider how your long-term occupation of the legislative chamber has made us unable to deliberate a number of bills while affecting our international reputation. This is something that the people cannot accept. Keep charging ahead with your ideals, but return to your positions (in the classroom).

Wang’s most stunning remark came when he essentially accepted the students’ main demand.

Wang Jin-pyng
Legislative Speaker
In consideration of the overall social costs, I who hold the power of the legislative speaker solemnly state that before the cross-strait agreement monitoring regulations have been put into law, I will not convene consultations between ruling and opposition legislative caucuses on issues related to the cross-strait trade-in-services agreement. The lessons we have learned from this ordeal will contribute to how we run the country in the future and our commitment to respecting the popular will. At this key juncture, I urge the students to respect others’ opinions, and for others to show tolerance toward the students. Then, this dispute can end peacefully and we can move forward hand-in-hand for the sake of Taiwan.

After giving his statement, Wang entered the Legislature and met with students. Today, Wang firmly put responsibility for the next move in the students’ court.




[[立法院長 王金平]]


[[立法院長 王金平]]
“考量整體社會成本,金平秉持院長職權,鄭重向各位報告,在兩案協議監督條例草案完成立法前,將不召集兩岸服務貿易協議 相關黨團協商會議,經過這次淬鍊,我們當記取教訓,省思未來國政的推動,更要體察民意,在此關鍵時刻,金平希望同學們尊重各界聲音,也盼各界給予學生包容,使本次爭議和平落幕,讓大家一起攜手向前行,台灣加油”



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