Students, government at odds over citizens’ constitutional conference (2014/04/04)

Another area of dispute between the government and the students is whether to hold a national affairs conference on trade and economics or a citizens’ constitutional conference. The government has agreed to the former, which would concentrate on the trade-in-services pact and other economic issues. The students want the latter, which would be wide-ranging and even address government structural reform. 

This was Premier Jiang Yi-huah announcing yesterday that the government will hold a national affairs conference on trade and economics.

Jiang Yi-huah (April 3)
We mainly need to examine economic and trade issues in Taiwan, but we won’t avoid the cross-strait considerations that form a backdrop for this discussion, says Jiang.

Lin Fei-fan
Student Leader
The trade-in-services pact goes beyond economics and trade, says student leader Lin Fei-fan. It also reflects a crisis faced by the Taiwan constitutional system, and a crisis of legitimacy faced by the Ma government. In this kind of situation, we believe that a citizens’ constitutional conference is necessary.

The Cabinet plans for the national affairs conference on trade and economics to begin as early as June and be headed by the premier and public representatives. Another 120 experts from industry, government and academia will hold regional meetings.





[[行政院長 江宜樺(4.3)]]

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