Government submits bill to oversee pacts with China; students reject it (2014/04/03)

The student protest over the trade-in-services pact Taiwan signed with China is now in its 17th day. One of the demands of the students occupying the Legislative Yuan is that an oversight mechanism for pacts with China be created. The government submitted a proposed mechanism Thursday that it says would increase transparency in the process and get more people involved. But the students rejected it out of hand. 

The Cabinet has proposed its own version of a bill on overseeing agreements with China in response to the students.

Sun Li-chyun
Government Spokesman
First there’s a mechanism to communicate information in four stages to the Legislature and the public: as the pact is being shaped, as it’s being negotiated, before it’s signed and after it’s signed. The other point is a national security review mechanism that brings together national security agencies. Every pact must pass a national security review before being signed.

Here is a comparison of the government’s proposed bill and what the students want.
Before a deal is signed, the students want a civic supervision mechanism, while the government stresses communication.
The students want the Legislature to be able to change the content of any pact, which would not be allowed under the government version.
And on any bill involving Taiwan’s sovereignty, the students want it to be put to a referendum, while the government prefers reviews by the Cabinet and the National Security Council.

Wang Yu-chi
Mainland Affairs Council Chairman
The students’ version would mix up executive and legislative authority, so the Cabinet version’s design hopes to echo current opinion on the process of negotiating cross-strait agreements, which would make things more transparent, and allow for more legislative supervision and public participation.

The leaders of the student movement did not accept the proposal, saying the government’s version did not meet five principles they demanded, including public participation and legislative oversight.




[[行政院發言人 孫立群]]


[[陸委會主委 王郁琦]]



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