Ruling party reacts to ‘surprise’ concession made by legislative speaker (2014/04/06)

Speaker Wang Jin-pyng’s pledge to legislate a monitoring mechanism before reviewing the trade pact has brought to light stark friction within the ruling party. Several lawmakers who were present for Wang’s statement criticized the speaker by saying they felt Wang betrayed them and sold out the KMT. But others, such as KMT Legislator Lo Shu-lei, spoke out in Wang’s defense. 

When Speaker Wang Jin-pyng visited the Legislature today, he was joined by fellow KMT lawmakers. Party caucus whip Lin Hung-chih and Legislator Alex Fai claim they did not know that Wang would pledge to put review of the trade-in-services pact on hold. The caucus called an urgent press conference so members could state their positions.

Alex Fai
KMT Legislator
I felt we were tricked into going there. It seemed like we were endorsing his pledge. Personally, I feel a strong sense of betrayal, says Fai.

Lo Shu-lei 
KMT Legislator
I think the speaker’s statement was great. Over 10 lawmakers told him that he did a great job. I really have no idea what the caucus is doing, says KMT Legislator Lo Shu-lei.

Wang’s position has left the KMT in a bind. The party still insists that the trade-in-services pact must pass, but it does not have the support of the person who set’s the Legislature’s agenda. 

Lin Hung-chih
KMT Caucus Whip
(Wang) now says that further negotiations related to the cross-strait trade-in-services pact will not take place. We believe previous negotiations are still valid, however, so the pact should be discussed and voted on line-by-line, says Lin. 

The KMT caucus insists the services pact can be reviewed in parallel with legislation to monitor cross-strait agreements. But it does not have the legislative speaker on board.




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