Forecasters predict moderate temperatures over the long weekend (2014/04/03)

Good weather is expected for Children’s Day and Tomb Sweeping Day. Apart from scattered showers in the north and east, holiday goers can look forward to a comfortable long weekend. 

The weather front bearing down on Taiwan brought an unusual site this time of year: snow on Yushan.

Thursday morning marked the second time in as many days that it snowed on Yushan. Snow fell for an hour and a half, bringing accumulated snowfall since Wednesday to 1.7 centimeters.

But the weather front will soon weaken, causing moisture in the air to decrease.

Tsai Yao-de
CWB Weather Forecaster
Starting from tomorrow, on the fourth, fifth and sixth, or the three-day Tomb Sweeping holiday weekend, Taiwan will be affected by northeast seasonal winds. These will bring drier air and better weather. Temperatures will fall slightly, but they will remain comfortable.

The long weekend is expected to bring heavy traffic. Starting from Friday, free travel for the first 20 kilometers on national freeways will temporarily be suspended. Instead, tolls will be lifted between midnight and 5 am, and carpool restrictions will be in effect for the first time on National Freeway No. 5 between Yilan and Hualien.

Taiwan Railways will operate a total of 237 additional trains from Friday to Monday, and a 30 percent discount will be available for its red-eye service. The high-speed rail will operate 107 additional trains and could run even more trains with only non-reserved seating.






[[中央氣象局預報員 蔡耀德]]




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