Museo Atlantico: British artist Jason deCaires Taylor creates underwater sculpture museum 大西洋美術館:英國美術家泰勒創作位於海底的雕塑美術館






British artist Jason deCaires Taylor has created a sculpture museum at the bottom of the Atlantic. Museo Atlantico is 14 metres under the surface of the water, so is accessible only to scuba divers and snorkelers.




Alongside a collection of figurative works that depict poignant global matters, the underwater gallery also comprises a sunken botanical garden, which responds to the region’s long standing relationship with art and nature.




"The Rubicon" features a collection of 35 figures that walk towards a gate spanning the seabed, the main installation features an assembly of 35 figures walking towards a gate — a point of no return, or a portal to another world. the sea of people that make up ‘the rubicon’ are meticulously sculpted and carefully carved with hyper-realistic anatomical features, appearing as lifelike human relics suddenly frozen in time.




The project creates a large scale artificial reef to aggregate local fish species.



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