Public interest group exchanges plastic tableware for ceramic tableware (2014/03/04)

Many food stalls in Taiwan continue to use plastic tableware made from melamine, which can pose a health threat if subjected to high heat. A public interest group hopes to change that by offering free ceramic tableware in exchange for the less safe plastic version. 

This public interest group is distributing free ceramic bowls and plates to stalls and small restaurants. The only condition is that they are required to exchange their old plastic tableware.

Huang Shu-yan 
Tableware Exchange Organizer
If we eat out, the melamine in these bowls and plates will leach out when they come into contact with hot soup or other hot items. 

The owner of this restaurant is grateful for the support. 

Mrs. Chou
Dumpling Shop Owner
Take a look. You can see they’re a little cleaner and a little better looking. Look at the old (tableware) and you can see that they are impossible to clean. And now for customers it’s healthier so we can feel more comfortable. 

The tableware exchange program has been operating for nearly six months and has already helped 10 small restaurants. The group hopes that within five years, all of Taiwan’s restaurants will have exchanged melamine tableware for ceramics.




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