Upcoming show to help pair innovators with investors (2014/03/11)

The Taiwan External Trade Development Council will host the first Taiwan Innovation Match-Making Show in May. Today it held a press conference to feature some of the innovations that will be on display. 

At a ceremony to launch the upcoming show, award-winning companies and schools were announced as participants.

On display was this bike. It can be propelled by moving the handlebars up and down, potentially replacing the need for the use of the legs. The bicycle is expected to see volume production of 5,000 bikes beginning in May.

Du Yu-da
It works with upper body movement. The feet can also propel the bike because we haven’t changed the traditional structure. Instead, we added a way to exercise the upper body. 

Another item, the “Dandelion Mirror,” was a joint student-teacher collaboration. It contains a hidden camera and bio-sensor. The appearance of a floral image on the mirror corresponds with the testing of biometric data such as blood pressure and breathing. 

This pioneering, government-sponsored event aspires to give Taiwanese inventors the chance to find financial investment so they can commercialize their innovations.





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