Miaoli’s Yucing Temple hosts important feast for the gods (2014/03/05)

Miaoli County’s Yucing Temple hosted the annual King’s Feast today, an important religious custom in southern Taiwan. The event included Confucian rituals, a fruit carving competition and other sacrifices to the gods. 

Under the direction of Miaoli County Deputy Commissioner Lin Chiu-hsiang, prayers and blessings were offered to the gods. Later, rows of dancers performed Confucian rituals. 

This ancient ceremony includes Confucian dance performances and sacrifices. 

Later, a sort of cooking competition was held for the benefit of the gods. 

Liu Chuan-shui
Competition Judge 
When the emperor invited officials it was called the King’s Feast. There were important ceremonies and activities to satisfy the gods.

Chefs demonstrate their carving skills by turning watermelon into the likeness of a flower, a white radish into a crane and a carrot into the shape of a dragon. They also use their ingenuity to turn lobster and crab shells into the shape of a god, which are all placed on this table.

Li Ming-chang
What is most important is that these lobster and crab shells are first dried then disinfected and cleaned. Afterwards, they can be arranged like this.

In the past, the King’s Feast was held in Tainan. This is the first time that Miaoli hosted the event, and every effort was made to ensure that a proper feast was presented to the gods.






[[宴王祭評審 劉川水]]


[[指導老師 李明璋]]



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