DPP Taipei mayoral candidates discuss ways to help Taipei youth (2014/03/09)

The plight of young people in Taipei was a topic in today’s debate amongst DPP members running for Taipei Mayor. A number of interesting policies were discussed, such as providing youth with everything from public housing to micro finance.

At today’s DPP Taipei mayoral candidate debate, a question fielded from the public asked how to relieve some of the pressure facing young people living in Taipei. The four candidates responded, presenting their views and potential policies.

Pasuya Yao
DPP Taipei Mayoral Candidate 
The airport should return to Taoyuan, and in the future, (Sungshan Airport) could become a sort of central park. I estimate that about 10,000 (public residences can be created) which would be for rent and not for sale. 

Annette Lu
DPP Taipei Mayoral Candidate 
First of all, I would try to locate available space, and immediately convert it into public housing for young people, giving them a reasonable place to live, along with expanding domestic demand and adding more jobs.

Hsu Tain-tsair 
DPP Taipei Mayoral Candidate 
My social rented housing policy includes renting and not selling (public housing). Only if we change the structure of supply and demand can really solve this problem.

Wellington Koo
DPP Taipei Mayoral Candidate
If we could create a venture capital fund providing micro assistance to Taipei youth and provide entrepreneurial assistance or help them enter an enterprise incubation park, I think young people would welcome this help. 

At the completion of today’s debate, it will ultimately be up to DPP party members to choose their preferred candidate in the upcoming election



這場民進黨台北市長參選人辯論會,市民提問道要怎麼解決年輕人在台北市生活的巨大壓力? 四位參選人提出自己的看法及政策。

[[民進黨台北市長參選人 姚文智]]
“機場應該回到桃園,未來這變成中央公園,我估計未來可以產生一萬戶(社會住宅) ,只租不售”

[[民進黨台北市長參選人 呂秀蓮]]

[[民進黨台北市長參選人 許添財]]

[[民進黨台北市長參選人 顧立雄]]



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