Cell phones may interfere with brain’s short term memory function (2014/04/29)

A local neurologist believes that there is a rise in loss of memory among middle aged people. She thinks excessive cell phone use could be playing a role by interfering with the brain’s memory function. 

While using a cell phone in the kitchen, this person makes coffee but forgets that lunch is still in the microwave. This is a common situation.

“For example, when leaving the house if I get a phone call, I may forget to bring my keys.”

Neurologist Huang Ting-yu has found that more middle-aged patients are complaining of loss of memory. She says about 40 percent who have this problem are smartphone users.

Huang Ting-yu 
Shu-Tien Neurology Clinic Director
The (brain ) must first undergo a sort of log-in process to create short term memory. If concentration is affected during this process or subject to some other interference, the formation of short-term memory can be disrupted. 

Huang recommends that patients suffering from such problems temporarily avoid their cell phones and let the brain rest. Another method is to turn off alerts for unimportant messages. Adjustments such as these can help improve the memory.






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